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Report: Navigating the Politics of Economic Security


The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (European Chamber), in partnership with China Macro Group (CMG, CNBW member), published the report "Riskful Thinking: Navigating the Politics of Economic Security" (20 March 2024). Based on in-depth Chamber member interviews and extensive research, the report details the different approaches adopted by the European Union (EU), China and the United States (US) for managing perceived threats to their respective economies, as well as the actions that European businesses are taking to build resilience into their China operations and mitigate a growing number of risks. 

"While it is natural that all global actors will seek to ensure the security of their respective economies, it should be done in a way that is minimally disruptive to business", said Jens Eskelund, president of the European Chamber. "Actions taken in the name of risk management and strengthening economic security should be proportionate, targeted and precise and should never become a cover for protectionism."

"China’s 14th Five-Year Plan marks a strategic shift in Chinese policymaking and includes risk management as a key pillar", said Markus Herrmann Chen, co-founder and managing director of China Macro Group. "Today, policymakers have a comprehensive toolkit at their disposal geared towards mitigating risks and promoting security in China’s economy, which goes beyond merely advancing self-reliance."

Download the report here