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  • Review: "Whistleblowing in China" by German Centre, Rödl + CNBW

Review: "Whistleblowing in China" by German Centre, Rödl + CNBW

German Centre Beijing, Rödl & Partner China and CNBW jointly hosted a hybrid seminar about the most important issues regarding Whistleblowing in China, followed by lively discussions and networking on 30 August.

Jochen Tenhagen (Managing Director, German Centre Beijing)
Fabian Knopf (Co-founder of CNBW)
Sebastian Wiendieck (Rödl & Partner)  

Sebastian Wiendieck spoke about the immense importance of whistleblowing systems for companies in China. He opened up a deep understanding of questions such as:
Why is whistleblowing essential for any company? What measures should companies take to use whistleblowing effectively? What are the opportunities and challenges for employers and employees in relation to this issue?

Wiendieck Sebastian 2

Read more here / presentation download: here