Compliance in China 2023: Summary, Q&A and Networking
30 May

Compliance in China 2023: Summary, Q&A and Networking

Relevance of whistleblowing systems for companies 
Compliance in China 2023: Summary, Q&A and Networking

30 May 2023; 16:30 - 18:00 CST (with after-work networking, drinks & snacks)
Location: German Centre Shanghai
Organizer: German Centre Shanghai

Subject: Effective Whistleblowing systems are indispensable for good compliance management. This fact also applies in China, where regulation of the matter is increasing rapidly. High profile cases of corporate fraud, corruption, and other forms of malfeasance have highlighted the importance of addressing the importance of installing an effective system for Whistleblowers and their protection in corporate China, where this issue has gained momentum and has become a key consideration for management and compliance officers. Although a formal, standalone "Whistleblower Act" has not been introduced in China yet, various other regulatory and administrative acts have been released in the past years, indirectly protecting Whistleblowers and thus reinforcing the need forestablishing an adequate system.

On top of that, many companies falling under the scope of Germany’s new Supply Chain Due Diligence Act are now obligated by law to implement a mechanism for receiving and handling complaints regarding alleged violations of the Act’s provisions on human rights and environmental protection. Matters will get even more challenging once the proposed draft for the new Whistleblower Protection Act will be implemented in Germany, requiringan even larger number of companies to establish whistleblower systems covering far more than just supply chain due diligence.

Why does Whistleblowing matter for every company? What do companies have to do in order to remain compliant in terms of Whistleblowing? What are the opportunities and challenges for employers and employees?


Sebastian Wiendieck (Head of the Legal Practice, Rödl & Partner in China; CNBW member)