sinokultur im Salon: Wong Chi-yung
24 May

sinokultur im Salon: Wong Chi-yung

sinokultur im Salon: Wong Chi-yung
24 May 2024; 18:30 - 21:30 CEST
Location: Zürich, Klosbachstrasse 109
Veranstalter: sinokultur Zürich
(Kulturelle Veranstaltungen - sinokultur)

Subject: Hong Kong cross-disciplinary artist and artist-curator Wong Chi-yung will talk about experiential installations, lighting installations, and creative education, emphasizing the communication between arts and sciences. He will explain to everyone how he wanders between art creation and scientific research, and then responds to his exploration with art creation. How to stimulate cooperation, creation, and research through the exploration of cross-disciplinary collaboration, and promote public awareness of mental health.

He was born in Hong Kong, and now lives in Zurich and Hong Kong. In the past four years, Chi-yung has actively promoted artistic and academic exchange. Recently, he was selected as one of the Art Fellows 2020 by Yale University in the United States, where he developed arts and mental health projects.