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Report "China’s Wine Market(s)": Drivers, Technical Requirements, Opportunities


This new EU SME Centre report, published in partnership with the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, aims to equip European producers and exporters with the facts and figures they need to inform their decision-making.

Over the past few years, the wine market in China has known a steady decrease. The trend had begun before the Covid-19 pandemic but was certainly exacerbated by it. Despite going through a "self-adjustment" phase, China remains a large market that is highly relevant for European wine exporters. It is also a difficult market, in which the EU competes with countries enjoying preferential trade agreements. Knowing the market and being prepared to grasp existing opportunities are key factors of success.

Study chapters
The first chapter provides an overview of the dynamics of the Chinese wine market(s). It highlights the recent consumption drivers, channels and trends emerging after the end of the pandemic. The second chapter provides a detailed overview of the regulatory and technical requirements for importing wine products into China. The third chapter summarises a series of tips and recommendations that EU wine exporters should keep in mind or should leverage when selling in the Chinese market. The last chapter includes three case studies developed through interviews with wine industry experts in China specifically for this report. 

Study download (via EU SME): here