China Investment Forum - Insights from ICBC
30 Nov

China Investment Forum - Insights from ICBC

China Investment Forum - Insights from ICBC 
20th November, 2021; 09:00-10:40 (am, CET)
Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce + Industrial and Commercial Bank of China - ICBC

Subject: The virtual China Investment Forum will address various topics around investment in China, presenting different options for foreign investors wishing to enter the Chinese market as well as specific banking services ICBC offers in this area. Two rounds of simultaneous breakout sessions will tackle the topics of investment in China’s bond market, cross-border RMB utilization, investment in China’s equity market and market entry through M&A.

Speakers (ICBC):

Jinny Yan (Chief China Economist), Liqun Dai (Manager, Agent Trading Team), 
Zhenyong Xing (Deputy Manager, Cross-Border RMB Administration Division), Dr. Nian Lin (ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management), Tingting Xia (Head of Cross-Border M&A), Xinhua Hu (Head Treasury Department), Gino Giuliato (Senior Advisor)

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