China in 2023: A “new” normal? Impact and Outlook
29 Mar

China in 2023: A “new” normal? Impact and Outlook

China in 2023: A "new" normal? Impact and Outlook
29 March 2023; 12:30 - 19:30 CEST
Location: CEIBS Zurich Campus, Horgen
Swiss Centers, Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, China Integrated, CEIBS, economiesuisse

Subject: In light of the latest information from China, with this event the organizers intent to draw the perspectives that Swiss businesses can expect from China through the analyses of several well-informed experts, economists and industrialists. The latest results of the 2023 Swiss Business in China Survey will be ready to be published and additionally provide the view from the subsidiaries of Swiss companies in China, closest to the business realities.


Felix Sutter (President of the SCCC), Shihting Wang (Chinese Ambassador in Switzerland), Rudolf Minsch (Deputy Chair of the Executive Board, Head of General Economic Policy & Education/Chief Economist, economiesuisse), Nicolas Musy (Founder of the Swiss Centers and Founding Partner of China Integrated), Juerg Burri (Swiss Ambassador in China), Bin Xu (Professor at CEIBS), Ivo Germann (Head of the Foreign Economic Affairs Directorate, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs - SECO); additional panel discussion