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AHK: China-bound charter flights between Frankfurt and Qingdao

The German Chamber is "happy to announce the continuation of the AHK’s Charter Flights Program": China-bound charter flights between Frankfurt and Qingdao from October 2022 to March 2023 and designated quarantine hotels. Bookings for charter flights are made exclusively and directly through AHK. Online registration: from 15th July, 14:00 (Beijing time).
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Summer Update des "PwC China Compass"

Chancen und Gestaltungsspielräume vorausschauend nutzen und Risiken des China-Geschäfts umschiffen: verschiedene PwC-Berater skizzieren im "PwC China Compass" (Summer Update) mögliche Wege. Redaktionsschluss war Ende Mai.
Paper: hier

Podcast: Serviceroboter - Werden Maschinen Menschen in Zukunft ersetzen?

Im Podcast Nr. 37 von Alexandra Stefanov berichtet Chanfang Wang (Gründerin von Genie InBot, China Expert Services und Digital China-Europe Network; Frankfurt) über Menschen, Maschinen und ihre Vision eines nachhaltigen technologischen Netzwerks.
Podcast: hier

The Low-carbon Ship

Taking on the challenge of ship decarbonisation is a two-tier process-delivering efficiencies and sustainability benefits for today’s markets, while simultaneously preparing the industry for future developments. Given the lengthy lifespans of most vessels, manufacturers of ships and ship components are attempting to divine the future to see which fuels will come out on top at the end of the transition to green energy. Simon Qu from Kongsberg Maritime argues that the shipping industry has options to spread their bets on the fuels of tomorrow.
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Podcast: T7 and its support for G7-Global South cooperation explained

In this podcast bei the Japanese Asian Development Bank Institute, ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe (Co-Chair of the T7 Task Force on Sustainable Economic Recovery), and ADBI’s John Beirne and Dina Azhgaliyeva discuss the role and future of the T7. This includes its capacity to support partnership between the G7 and emerging economies in Asia and the Pacific, and globally, and the implications for sustainable development. 
Podcast: here