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Does the Belt and Road Initiative stimulate Chinese Exports?

This paper by Holger Görg (Kiel Centre for Globalization / Kiel Institute for the World Economy and University of Kiel) an Haiou Mao (Wuhan University, Wuhan) evaluates firms’ exporting responses to BRI and considers their heterogeneity in ownership types, product types, regional origin and trade mode. Empirical results (2008 to 20016) show that aggregate export behavior increased significantly after BRI. However, ownership matters when evaluating firms’ reactions, with SOEs and foreign firms benefitting, but privately owned domestic firms not.
Paper: here

Video: 2. Ravensburger Lichterfest

Zum 2. Lichterfest 2022 (9. April 2022, 20 Uhr ) wurden hunderte beleuchtete Kunstwerke in den Straßen Ravensburgs präsentiert.  Das Festival stand unter dem Motto "Luft", zu sehen waren u. a. selbst gebastelte Vögel, Insekten, Flugsaurier, Raumschiffe und Luftschiffe. Auch der beleuchtete Drachen der Deutsch-Chinesischen Gesellschaft Bodensee (DCGB) war vertreten. Die Objekte wurden auf Holzstöcken getragen.
Video: hier

Shanghai lockdown and its ripple effect – quantifying impact on consumer sector

~16% of China retail sales is at huge risk, given least 28 large and medium-sized cities 
in China have announced lockdown measures since late March. Read an assessmant of Credit Suisse (19 April 2022).
Report: here

Cost of the zero-Covid policy for China and the world

The cost of China’s zero-Covid policy is climbing and policy support will not be enough to cushion the blow. Why? Read more in the detailed paper "Cost of the zero-Covid policy for China and the world" (issued on 20 April 2022) by Allianz Research.
Report: here

European Journal of Chinese Studies - Winter Issue

Content analysis of the experience reports of Chinese students after their return to 
China - in: European Journal of Chinese Studies.
Report: here