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German Chamber Flash-Survey: Foreign Employees to Leave China

Several months into the recent round of anti-pandemic measures, only a small number of German companies can operate and resume production in China. Foreign employees are increasingly planning to leave the country due to China’s strict COVID-strategy, a flash survey conducted by the German Chamber of Commerce in China finds (Beijing/Guangzhou/Shanghai, May 12, 2022). 
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Journalismus in China und die schöne neue Online-Welt

Ebenso wie in Deutschland geht auch in China der Anteil an Printauflagen und Verkäufen der Tageszeitungen stetig zurück. Dennoch ist China der größte Zeitungsmarkt der Welt. Dr. Stefan Justl (Geschäftsführer, Storymaker Ltd. in China, 2007 gegründet; CNBW-Mitglied) lebt seit vielen Jahren in China und erklärt, wie die chinesische Medienlandschaft aussieht und wie klassische PR hier funktioniert. 
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Top 10 most attractive cities in China in 2021

The China Urban Vitality Research Report 2021, released by Baidu Huiyan, a geographic intelligent data platform affiliated with Baidu Maps, listed the "top 10 most attractive cities in China in 2021" ... Do you agree?
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War against Ukraine – 5 takeaways for China and their implications for the EU

China’s diplomatic shilly-shallying has pushed its western partners to the edge of their patience. G7, EU and NATO made very clear in Brussels what they expect from China: Stay clear from Russia, do not circumvent sanctions. Cora Jungbluth from Bertelsmann Stiftung presents 5 theses.
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Do you have a question about doing business in China?

EU SME Centre: Ranging from how to export products to China to company set-up, you can find in several FAQs a wealth of useful resources to help you navigate your path to the Chinese market smoothly. The 68 China-specific questions cover 9 essential aspects. 
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