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Datenschutz in China: Die Automobilindustrie im Fokus

Was bedeuten die Vorläufigen Regelungen für das Management der Datensicherheit in der Automobilindustrie? Diese Regelungen sind Teil der aktuellen Gesetzgebung zum Datenschutz , welche hauptsächlich aus dem Cybersicherheitsgesetz (Cyber Security Law), Datensicherheitsgesetz und dem Gesetz zum Schutz personenbezogener Daten (PIPL – Personal Information Protection Law) bestehen. Lesen die Ausführungen von  von ​Jiawei (Victor) Wang (Legal Counsel, China Desk, Rödl & Partner, Stuttgart). 
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Assessment: China facing a trilemma amid the Russia-Ukraine war

Russian President Putin’s official recognition of two Russia-backed Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk and the invasion of the former Soviet republic starting in the morning hours of February 24th 2022 mark one of the biggest geopolitical crises since World War II. It also seems to put Beijing in a strategic bind. China is trying to straddle its own path of tacit support for Moscow with its long-held principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. China Macro Group (Zurich/Beijing; CNBW member) shares assessment and implications.
CMG Paper: here

Update: Exporting Cosmetics to China

This report by EU SME Centre provides an up-to-date overview of the new regulatory requirements that European manufacturers of cosmetics must comply with to be able to export to China. First section: summary for both general trade and cross-border e-commerce. Second section: different steps, such as classification, product notification, registration process, requirements for packaging, labelling, customs clearance, and the documentation for animal testing exemption.
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Zweckentfremdung von F&E-Subventionen in China

Die ZEW-Ökonomen Prof. Dr. Bettina Peters und Dr. Philipp Böing sprechen in Folge 14 des ZEW-Podcasts über Zweckentfremdung von F&E-Subventionen in China. Fördergelder kommen danach nicht immer den beabsichtigten Forschungszwecken zugute. Chinesische Unternehmen geben (laut einer Studie von Peters/Böing) etwa die Häfte dieser Gelder für andere Zwecke aus, etwa Maschinen und Anlagen.
Podcast: hier

Ukraine’s Crisis Impact On Supply Chains

The Logistics Point is an independent logistics and supply chain digital magazine. Audience includes top managers and decision makers from the logistics and supply chain industry, who are based in the UK, USA, Canada, the EU. Read an article from Sam New (Senior Principal Analyst, Supply Chain Research, Gartner) about Ukraine’s Crisis Impact On Supply Chains.
Article: here