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Partner, Competitor, Rival – China policy at a crossroads

China must be a higher priority on the foreign policy agenda than it has been so far. Germany’s relations with China will be a balancing act in the coming legislature. The new German government will have to set a course for the future - according to German  Bertelsmann Stiftung. 
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China verschärft Aufsicht außerschulischer Bildung und des Nachhilfesektors

Seit Jahresbeginn haben die chinesischen Behörden die Kontrolle über den lukrativen Nachhilfesektorektor verschärft. Nun kündigt die oberste Führung eine umfassende Regulierung der privaten Institute an. Einer der Gründe: irreführende Werbung.
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Zudem wurden die lokalen Behörden aufgefordert, die Vorschriften für die Registrierung außerschulischer Bildungseinrichtungen zu verschärfen.
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Release: Fall issue of German Chamber's "Ticker"

The fall issue of the "German Chamber Ticker" looks into the cost of deglobalization; what new policies such as the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law hold in store for companies; how the IIT reform (Income Tax Law) reinforces the localization of staff; and how the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is shaping regional value chains. In the features section, experts in Chinese law share recent legal developments and their impact on companies in China. Please share the "Ticker". 
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European Chamber: Position Paper highlights costs of self-reliance

On 23rd September, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China released its Position Paper, most important publication and cornerstone of its annual advocacy plan. Compiled by 35 working groups and sub-working groups over a six-month period, the 930 constructive recommendations contained in the Position Paper illustrate both the depth of the challenges faced by European companies in China and their commitment to supporting the improvement of the business environment.
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Jahresbericht zum Image von Suzhou

Auf der am 18. September zu Ende gegangenen Messe 2021 Global AI Product & Application Expo (2021 AI Expo) wurde ein Jahresbericht über das Image der Stadt Suzhou im globalen Cyberspace (2020-2021) vorgestellt.
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