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Shanghai lockdown and its ripple effect – quantifying impact on consumer sector

~16% of China retail sales is at huge risk, given least 28 large and medium-sized cities 
in China have announced lockdown measures since late March. Read an assessmant of Credit Suisse (19 April 2022).
Report: here

Cost of the zero-Covid policy for China and the world

The cost of China’s zero-Covid policy is climbing and policy support will not be enough to cushion the blow. Why? Read more in the detailed paper "Cost of the zero-Covid policy for China and the world" (issued on 20 April 2022) by Allianz Research.
Report: here

European Journal of Chinese Studies - Winter Issue

Content analysis of the experience reports of Chinese students after their return to 
China - in: European Journal of Chinese Studies.
Report: here

Bis 30.4.: Ausstellung in Tübingen zur Annäherung an die Kultur der Mosuo

"Beyond Language - künstlerische Annäherung an die Kultur der Mosuo, einer ethnischen Minderheit in China" ist die aktuelle Ausstellung in der Galerie Künstlerbund in Tübingen überschrieben. Verantwortlich: Künstlerbund Tübingen e.V. Öffnungszeiten: noch bis 30.4.2022, Freitag 16:00 bis 19:00 Uhr, Samstag 11:00 bis 17:00 Uhr.
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14th Five-Year-Plan: Implementation, key indicators, strategic objectives, observations

"One year into China’s 14th Five-Year-Plan - Assessing implementation progress across key indicators of China’s ten top-level strategic objectives": In its March Paper China Makro Group elaborates on 14th Five-Year-Plan and overall status of implementation,
detailed assessment of implementation progress across 10 strategic objectives and
strategic observations for foreign business.
Paper: here