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29. Juli, Leonberg: Deutsch-chinesische interkulturelle Verständigung – auch mit den Kindern dazu beitragen

(25.7.2023) Noch rasch anmelden: "Rückblick und Perspektiven der deutsch-chinesischen interkulturellen Verständigung zur Anregung – wie wir bzw. mit unseren Kindern dazu beitragen können"; Veranstaltung des Vereins VIKBAS; Partner: CNBW.
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Exchange rate transmission to prices in emerging Asia + role of global shocks

(24.7.2003) Over the past 25 years, central banks in emerging Asia have improved their monetary policy frameworks, helping to anchor inflation expectations and support broader macroeconomic stability. While this has also contributed to enhancing the resilience of Asian economies to external shocks, the exchange rate channel remains a key transmission mechanism of disturbances to the real economy and financial markets. The Asian Development Bank examines the evolution of the exchange rate pass-through (ERPT).
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Akademische Kooperationen neu justieren

(21.7.2023) Durch die Pandemie war der akademische Austausch mit China fast zum Erliegen gekommen. Warum die deutsch-chinesische Partnerschaft aber auch in Zukunft wichtig ist, schildert Ruth Schimanowski, Leiterin der DAAD-Außenstelle Beijing, mit einem persönlichen Blick auf das Land.
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ShortCut: China’s Q2 GDP growth and other economic indicators

(20.7.2023) Join European Chamber’s ShortCut (19 July): This episode contains segments on China’s Q2 GDP growth data and other economic indicators, such as industrial production, retail sales and foreign trade data from the first half of 2023 and June. And: The German Federal Government released its first strategy on China on 13th July.
ShortCut: here

About HR strategies for a rapidly changing world

(19.7.2023) The Chinese and global economic growth expected to slow, and China making the transition to long-term management of the COVID-19 pandemic - how are human resource (HR) professionals’ strategies on workforce management evolving? In the Podcast "China Dispatches", host Gao Rui (Senior Marketing Manager, European Chamber), is joined by Sunny Sun and Wang Shuhong (Chair and Vice Chair of European Chamber’s Human Resources Forum Beijing), and Ning Fei (Head of HR and Workplace, Airbus China). 
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